Agents, colleagues and friends often ask why I chose to open a Real Estate Virtual Assistant company after many years of being a successful sales agent. This is my journey to becoming a Real Estate Support Specialist.

Helping People with Disabilities
I had been recruited into an interesting and rewarding position as Director of Real Estate Services for a new non-profit real estate development company. The company built new homes and modified existing homes for people with disabilities. This position combined my real estate expertise with my desire to help people in a meaningful way. After two years of hard work creating the framework for the company, things started to happen. The day before our company’s second anniversary, our parent company informed the staff they could no longer provide the current level of funding due to cuts in the parent company’s income. They laid off our staff of three. The prospects of returning to work in the near future were not promising, so I began to examine my options.

Exploring My Options
Returning to real estate sales was the obvious option. It would take a lot of work to re-build my real estate business after two years of neglecting it. I had recently remarried and my husband traveled extensively for his job. The thoughts of working nights and weekends again was not so appealing for this newlywed. Weekends were precious to us.

So, I kept exploring my options. One of my favorite roles in Real Estate was Training Coordinator for Keller Williams Realty. Helping real estate agents maneuver through the plethora of information, contracts and systems needed to function productively was as exciting to me as handing a first-time home buyer the keys to their new home.

I knew whatever direction I took it would require hard work to build (or re-build) a business. I felt it was time to take a new direction in my Real Estate journey. Then I contacted Duquesne University Small Business Development Center for guidance on setting up my own company.

Discovering My Geeky Side
I know that REALTORS® are in need of top-notch support to keep the machine running behind the scenes enabling them to spend their valuable time face to face with buyers and sellers. It didn’t take long for this “geeky” girl to realize how I could offer efficient and thorough support to my real estate friends, preserve the time I desired with my new husband and continue to work in the industry I love.

That is when CW Virtual Associates was born! Because I am a licensed real estate agent, I am familiar with what it takes to get the job done. Trying to keep on top of everything becomes quickly overwhelming as an agent becomes more successful. I provide the support services you need to keep on track and increase your business.

Ready to Get Started?
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