As a real estate virtual assistant, I am amazed at the feedback comments that are sometimes provided on properties and the number of agents who will not provide feedback.

Your local real estate agents ARE your primary market for your real estate listings and buyers. Without agents who list properties, you have nothing to show your qualified buyers. Without qualified buyers, you have no one to look at your listings.

Providing feedback on listings is crucial to any marketing plan the listing agent puts together.

As you know, the seller sets the price, but the buyer sets the value. This fact makes buyer’s feedback one of the most important aspects of any marketing process.

And yet, a great number of agents will not provide feedback when they show a home or the feedback they provide is not helpful to their fellow real estate agent or the seller. Everyone understands that if you do not present an offer after a showing or ask additional questions, your buyer is most likely not interested in the home. Knowing why is crucial.

4 Tips to Providing “Good” Showing Feedback

  1. Your buyer felt a desire to see the home, which should be the first point you should address when providing feedback. “My buyer wanted to look at the home because…..(has the bedrooms they need, the location is where they want, the condition of the home looked great in the photos, etc.)”
  2. What was the buyer’s first impression when they drove up to the property? “My buyers felt the outside of the home had good (great or bad) curb appeal” or “The neighbor’s home was a bit concerning.”
  3. As the buyer’s walked through the home, what were the comments they made? “We smell animals,” “Love the layout of this home,” “I wish it had a place for a home office” or “I wish the seller wasn’t present.” And so on.
  4. As the showing agent, your opinion on the price and condition of the property is also helpful to the listing agent when they are discussing feedback and future marketing with the sellers.

It is rare that the listing agent will sell their own listings. Therefore, the listing agent depends on the showing agents for good, honest feedback on the home. As the buyer’s agent, you have a pulse on what the buyers feel about a property.

Remembering that you need to cooperate with and not antagonize other real estate agents; be kind when you provide this feedback. I have come across agents who have provided feedback that is not constructive and downright mean. Remember that some agents allow feedback to go directly to the sellers and that affects your reputation.

Feedback is so important to the listing agent. It provides discussion points on items a seller may need to improve and adjustments that may be required in their pricing. A listing agent who receives helpful feedback is most likely going to be willing to provide the same for you when they are representing a buyer on one of your listings!

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