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Has this happened to you in your Real Estate career? You lay your head on the pillow and suddenly your brain engages and reminds you that you forgot to order a dye test or you forgot to remind your seller you will need a key to put in the lockbox.

The busier a real estate agent becomes, the easier it is to overlook routine tasks. Increasing your production increases your potential for something to fall through the cracks.

Simple checklists will help you to keep on task and stay organized in your real estate business.

You can implement many different systems and checklists. Programs like Top Producer or Dotloop provide a function to create task lists for every aspect of your business from marketing a listing to closing coordination or client follow-up. If you don’t use a program like those, you can create a simple Word document, Google doc, Power Point or Excel spreadsheet to help you stay on track.

Powerful communication is obtained by using checklists.

As an individual agent, you need to coordinate with outside parties, office managers, lenders and title companies to share contracts, dye tests and occupancy certifications. Providing information in a timely manner is crucial in the real estate industry.

If you have a real estate team, you may need to communicate with team members so they are aware of the progress of listing marketing or transaction coordination. In the event you are not in the office, a team member should be able to take over where you left off.

Creating a good checklist can take some time.

A checklist should be updated as you add new tasks or eliminate steps in your processes. Evaluate what you do, step by step for everything in your business and write it down. Now you have a checklist!

Having a checklist system implemented in your business will provide for happy sellers and buyers. You may also sleep better knowing that something hasn’t slipped through the cracks!

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